Different Career Paths for Teachers

Are you interested in working in the field of education? If so, there are a number of career paths you can take as a teacher. Working in the same classroom until you retire isn’t your only option.

Type of Teaching

Teachers have two main options: elementary or secondary. From there, you can also choose to go into special education, and for those who want to work with very young children, preschool education is also an option. As an elementary school teacher, your college education will focus on learning to teach a wide variety of subjects, where as with secondary teaching, you’ll typically major in education and specialize in a specific area, such as history or math.

Education Administration

No matter what type of teacher you become, you may want to eventually step into a leadership role. Administration in the educational system usually requires at least a master’s degree. Some employers will actually help you pay for this additional school if you take classes while continuing to work as a teacher. Once you have a master’s degree, you can take a department head role, where you’ll lead all of the other teachers working in your subject area, or you can work in general school administration, filling roles such as curriculum development manager or principal.


Although not technically a teaching position, some teachers also choose to take on counseling roles within their school. This requires a different kind of degree in order to earn a state license, but you can often take the appropriate classes to transition into a counseling role fairly easily, since you’ll already have taken relevant classes like educational psychology.

Other Teaching Roles

Did you know that most teachers take on additional roles to help supplement their incomes. Often, these additional roles do not require any extra training. Examples of such roles include coaching one of your school’s sports teams, serving as a student activities adviser, tutoring kids who need extra help after school, tutoring homeschool students in the area who need extra help in a specific subject matter, overseeing student functions such as school dances, and teaching during summer school. If you’re having a hard time finding a teaching position inĀ  your area, you can get into the substitute system and also take on some of these additional roles until something becomes available.

Education & Teaching Degrees to Become a Teacher

Liberty University M.Ed. in Teaching M.Ed. in Elementary Ed. M.Ed. in Special Ed. Liberty University – Liberty University offers online degree teaching programs including: M.Ed. in Teaching, M.Ed in Elementary Ed., and M.Ed. in Special Ed. These programs do not require intensives, teaching, internships, or licensure tests. They are mainly for Elementary education and train students in Leadership. Students also have the option of earning a ACSI Certificate.
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Kaplan University MA in Teaching MSE in Instructional Tech. Kaplan University – Kaplan University offers online degree programs in teaching including: MA in Teaching and MSE in Instructional Tech. This program is very flexible and allows students to specialize in a wide range of subjects including: Teaching Literacy and Language-Grades K-6, Teaching with Technology, Teaching Mathematics Grades K-12, and Teaching Science Grades K-12.
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University of Southern California MA in Teaching MA in TESOL University of Southern California – University of Southern California offers online programs in teaching including: MA in Teaching, and MA in TESOL. USC offers a separate course of study for aspiring teachers and current educators. Faculty members include current and former teachers, principals and school district administrators. It combines coursework and school-based fieldwork.
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University of Cincinnati M.Ed. in Teacher Leadership University of Cincinnati – University of Cincinnati offers an online M.Ed. in Teacher Leadership. This program allows students to build upon their leadership skills to become effective role models for both their peers and students. The curriculum is designed for innovative learning and is at the forefront of educational innovation. It includes peer-group work.
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Keiser University MS.Ed. in Teaching & Learning Keiser University – Keiser University offers an online MS.Ed. in Teaching & Learning. This program provides teachers and education administrators an intensive study of theory and practice. Students can specialize in one of two areas: Teaching and Learning or Leadership. Graduates are able to demonstrate a conceptual understanding of advanced educational theory and practice.
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University of Massachusetts M.Ed. in Curriculum & Instruction M.Ed. in Administration M.Ed. in Instructional Design M.Ed. in Reading & Language M.Ed. in Science Education University of Massachusetts – University of Massachusetts offers online degrees in Education including: M.Ed. in Curriculum & Instruction, Administration, Instructional Design, Reading & Language, and Science Education. These degree programs prepare students for careers in a wide variety of fields within education. Students can specialize in their area of interest and receive leadership training.
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Grand Canyon University BS in K-8 Education BS in Special Ed. BS in Sec. Ed. Business BS in Sec. Ed. English BS in Sec. Ed. Social Studies BS in Sec. Ed. Math Grand Canyon University – Grand Canyon University offers online degrees in Education including: BS in K-8 Education, Special Ed., Sec. Ed. Business, Sec. Ed. English, Social Studies, and Math. These degree programs are designed to prepare learners to become global citizens, critical thinkers and responsible leaders from the context of a Christian heritage.
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