30 Amazing Sites for Free Lesson Plans

One of the most rewarding careers out there is that of teacher. There are a number of career paths available for teachers, and you can find fulfillment with any of them. However, no matter what opportunity to choose to take, you will need to be able to create lessons plans that are engaging, as well as educational. For younger children, especially, some sort of interest must be held as you teach basic and advanced concepts.

The good news is that you can get help with your lesson plans. While you can spend money for subscription services and materials, there is no need. No matter your salary as a teacher, you can afford some of the resources found online — because they are free! If you are looking for some help developing engaging and educational lesson plans, here are 30 web sites you can turn to:

General Lesson Plan Web Sites

You can visit these web sites for great ideas on a number of subjects. No matter the grade level you are teaching, and no matter the subject material, you can get access to interesting lessons that can truly help children grasp the concepts you are trying to teach.

  1. HotChalk LessPlansPage: You can get access to lesson plans for different subjects, as well as read interesting articles and headlines about what’s influencing education today.
  2. Teachers.Net Lesson Plans: Lots of different lesson plans for almost any subject you can think of. Great ideas for different age groups as well.
  3. Lesson Plans for Teachers: Divides lesson plans by season, as well as by subject and age group. Applicable lesson plan ideas to suit your needs.
  4. Timely Lessons and Units: Scholastic offers some free lesson plans, as well as printables and other resources.
  5. Thinkfinity: Verizon offers this free resource for teachers. Interesting lesson plan ideas, and resources that can help you help your students.
  6. Free Puzzlemaker: Discovery Education offers a free puzzle maker that you can use in conjunction with your lessons. Customize to your needs.

Math and Science Lesson Plans

Many teachers struggle with teaching math and science lessons. The good news is that there are materials out there designed to help you be more effective in these areas. Visit the following web sites for great ideas for teaching math and science.

  1. Math Lesson Plans: This great resource from teAchnology provides math lesson ideas for different age groups.
  2. Math: This site from Sites for Teachers connects you to good lesson plan resources, as well as to different math-related activities, board games, puzzles and more. Great supplementary materials.
  3. Free Math Lesson Plans: Get insightful lesson plans from The Teachers Corner. Great resources and ideas for helping kids grasp math concepts.
  4. PBS Teachers Science & Tech: You can find plenty of great ideas for teaching science concepts for K-12 from PBS. A great, free resource that includes activities.
  5. Lesson and Lab Exchange: Terrific Science has this great resource that offers access to labs you can do with the students, as well as lesson plan ideas from fellow teachers.
  6. Activities: The Franklin Institute offers different activities that you can do for different areas of science. From bioscience to earth science to energy, this site is a valuable resource.

Social Studies Lesson Plans

You can make history come alive, or teach citizenship more effectively, when you make use of these social studies lesson plans. These web sites can help you teach geography, culture and more as you spark an interest in your students.

  1. MrDonn.org Social Studies: Get access to social studies lesson ideas in various areas of history, and more.
  2. K-12 Social Studies: Find lesson plans, read the latest headlines, and more. Offers helpful ideas for teaching history and geography.
  3. Lesson Plans and Teaching Strategies: Resources, as well as news-related resources, related to teaching social studies.
  4. HistoryTeacher.net: Great resource for those looking to put together history lesson plans.
  5. Social Studies: Current events, gender studies, history, geography, economics and more are offered in this lesson plan resource.
  6. History Matters: A great lesson plan resource, including activities and more.

Reading and Literacy Lesson Plans

Make reading fun! Encourage literacy in your students, and help them enjoy the world of words. These dynamic lesson plan web sites can help you teach your students the joys of books and reading.

  1. Free Reading Lesson Plans: Great ideas for encouraging reading. Includes printables and more.
  2. Reading Lesson Plans for English Learners at All Levels: Perfect resource to help students as they learn English literacy.
  3. Reading Lessons: Use phonics to help your students learn how to read.
  4. ReadWriteThink: Lesson plans that can help you teach concepts of reading, writing and general literacy. Divided by grade level.
  5. Curricula & Lesson Plans: The Literacy Assistance Center offers some helpful ideas for teaching literacy in an engaging and fun way.
  6. Literature Lesson Plans: Use these lesson plans to get your students excited about reading and about literature.

Arts Lesson Plans

Part of a well rounded education is developing some appreciation for arts. You can help you students learn about arts, including performance arts, with these fun lesson plans. Painting, theater, sculpture, music and more become accessible with the help of these creative and engaging lesson plans.

  1. Art Lesson Plans Home: You can get some helpful ideas for teaching art from Incredible @rt Department.
  2. Crayola Lesson Plans: You probably aren’t surprised to find that Crayola is sponsoring an art lesson plan site. It’s a good resource, though.
  3. Theater and Drama Lessons: Great ideas for teaching dramatic concepts and appreciation to your students. A fun resource from the Teacher’s Desk.
  4. Theatre Arts Lesson Plans: Fun lesson plan ideas that encompass theater arts and more. Great resource with fun games for the kids — including a theatrical fencing unit!
  5. ilearnmusic.com: Access lesson plans from other teachers, and share your own lesson plans. A great resource for those who teach music. Includes written music lessons, and free instructional videos.
  6. Music Lesson Plan Links: Find music lessons from MiddleSchool.net. You can adapt many of these great music lesson plans for younger students as well. Kindle a love of music in your students.

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